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The Foundation For Students At St. John Bosco Campus Are:  Scenerios - 

  1. Flexible Course Pacing And Offering:     
    • Study One Course At A Time - For Example, I Am A Student Who Likes To Focus On One Or Two Subjects At A Time And Work Until I Complete Them, Then I Like To Move On 
    • Blend Into St. John's And Another School - For Example, I Would Like To Complete My English Course Early Because I Am Good At It - But I Would Like To Take Another Course During The Time The Rest Of My Classmates Are Taking English.  OR  I Really Need To Take Longer To Complete My Chemistry Because I Know If I Had A Bit More Time I Would Do Better.
    • One-To-One Instruction - I Learn Best When There Are Less People In The Classroom.  I Enjoy Working In An Environment That Allows Me To Speak And Work With My Instructor. Where Possible Students Will Have Access To Course Specialists.
    • Full Course Load - I Am A Student Who Would Like To Try An Alternate Approach To My Learning Opportunities And Would Like To Try St. John Bosco South Campus.
    • Credit Recovery - I Would Like To Redo Assignments Or Exams That I Did Not Do As Well As I Wanted To So That I Am Able To Pass The Course Or Increase My Current Mark.
    • Correspondence Courses - I Like The Flexibility And I Work Better On My Own.
    • Credits To Earn Scholarships - I Am Short Credits To Earn A Scholarship So I Would Like To Complete More Credits.
  2. Flexible Time
    • St. John Bosco South Is Able To Work With Students Who Have 'Life Commitments' And Struggle Attending In A Traditional School.
    • For Example, I Am An Athlete And Train Outside Of Grande Prairie.  I Would Like To Graduate With My Peers But Training Takes Me Away.  St. John's Can Provide A Flexible Learning Opportunity For Me.
    • I Am A Student Who Is Chronically Late.  I Am Willing To Do All The Work Required Of Me, But I Need To Start My Day A Bit Later.
    • I Have A Family I Support And Need To Focus On One Subject At A Time.
    • I Would Like To Work On Days There Is No School (Friday For Example).
    • I Would Like To Complete Extra Credits Or Assignments After School.
  3. Flexible Environment
    • Students May Work In A Learning Environment That Works For Them
    • I Like To Put My Headphones In And Work
    • I Like To Discuss My Ideas With Others
    • I Like To Blog And Work Online
    • I Get More Accomplished In A Quiet Atmosphere Where I Am Alone, Without Distractions
    •  Like To Work At Home And Bring My Assignments To School

There Are Many Scenarios And Parents, Students And Teachers  Would Meet To Determine If St. John's Is The 'Right Fit.'  Getting To Know The Student Is Important To This Type Of Learning Environment.