Why St. John Bosco

Why not St. John Bosco or a Traditional School?

St. John Bosco revolves around what the student requires.  Developing a close relationship between Teachers, Parents and Students is key to the success of the student.  The development of a educational plan will be student-centered, based upon learning outcomes and goal oriented. 

The relationship between parents, students, and teachers is key to personalized learning model.  Communication is at the core of its success.  Monitoring attendance, punctuality and academic performance is a joint effort.  Regular contact will be initiated by the Course Advisor, often with an e-mail or telephone calls.  Parents - please report absences via email, call Course Advisor or leave a message.

The teacher, Principal and student will complete and follow an educational plan for Diploma achievement.  This plan will be available to parents. The educational plan is our guide for student success.

At the student's or parent's request the teacher and student will plan each week of learning activities - goals, outline priorities and develop a plan to meet the goals.  The plan will be discussed and monitored.


  • Students who want to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Students who want to accelerate or take their time in their course work.
  • Blended students:  Students who would like to take some courses elsewhere as well as St. John Bosco South.
  • Students who have commitments that interfere with the 'traditional' school system.
  • Students who work best with adult supervision and tracking.
  • Students who want multiple learning opportunities - credit recovery, scholarship credits, diploma credits, correspondence, blended (traditional school plus St. John's) courses, individually paced instruction


Personal Learning at St. John Bosco

Flexible Learning Environment, Flexible Hours, Flexible Scheduling
Alternate School Adjacent To St. Joseph Catholic High School Offering:

  • Individually Paced Courses
  • Multiple Learning Opportunities
  • Credit Recovery
  • Courses To Assist With Graduation
  • Diploma Courses
  • Correspondence Courses
  • Credits To Earn Scholarships

The Focus Of St. John Bosco  Is To Support Students In Their Educational Pursuits Using A Personalized Learning Model. Flexible Learning Opportunities - Time, Place, Pace - Will Assist Student's In Course Completion In A Flexible Learning Environment. Student's 
Individual Learning Needs, Interests And Learning Styles Will Be Assessed To Determine If The Learning Model At St. John Bosco, South Campus Will Be Of Benefit To The Student.  Everyone Learns At A Different Pace. 

Each Student Will Develop An Educational Plan Under The Supervision Of The Course Advisor.  The Plan Is The Guide To Student Success And Helps To Make Sure That The Student Is On Track To Graduate Or Meet The Goals They Have Set Out. Each Student Has Different Requirements, Therefore Each Plan Looks Different And Will Be Fulfilled Differently.  Remember - "Fair Is Not Always Equal".

Technology Will Be Incorporated When It Makes Sense.  When Learning Strategies And The Learning Needs Of The Students Are Integrated With Meaningful Technology Student Success Is Inevitable.

The Document,  ï»¿Inspiring Action On Education ï»¿(Alberta Learning 2010), Says That Personalized Learning Means That ... "Students Have Access To A Greater Variety Of Learning Experiences That Include And Extend Beyond Traditional Education Settings And Benefit From Increased 
Community Involvement In Their Learning (P. 14)".  

St. John Bosco Will Be Housed At St. Joseph Catholic High School.  St. John Bosco, South Campus Will Work In Tandem With St. Joseph Catholic High School And St. John Bosco, North Campus.  Students Will Be Able To Work In The Traditional Setting Of St. Joe's As Well As Access Services At St. John Bosco, North Campus And St. John Bosco South Campus.

St. John Bosco  Will Offer :  Individually Paced Courses, Multiple Learning Opportunities, Credit Recovery, Diploma Courses, Correspondance Courses, Credits To Earn Scholarships.  Learning Opportunities May Be Available To Students Who Cannot Attend In The Traditional Classroom.

St. John Bosco Will Model A Student-Centered Approach, Non-Grade Level, Online Learning, Blended Learning Courses - Traditional Setting And St. John's,  Project-Based Learning, Community Involvement, Competency-Based Assessment For Student Success.

What is Personalized Learning?


"Personalization refers to instruction that is paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different learners. In an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives and content as well as the  method and pace may all vary (so personalization encompasses differentiation and individualization)."